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Past Programs

    Human Right to Family Planning Conference 2015

    2015: Human Right to Family Planning Conference

    Uplift International’s president and board members participated in this groundbreaking conference at the University of Washington. Learn more.

    2013: Women’s Health Outreach, Indonesia

    Uplift International provided women’s health education to the mothers of students in our School Health and Nutrition Program. A series of presentations by Indonesian doctors informed young mothers and other school community members about nutrition, prevention of infections, healthy lifestyles and reproductive health.
    Accountability for Womens Health

    2009–2013: Accountability for Women’s Health Indonesia

    Holding governments accountable for their legal and political obligations to women’s rights requires civil society to have the skills and capacity to actively engage in activities not only at the national level but also at the local level of government. Uplift International implemented a program in Indonesia that focused on accountability for women’s right to access health services in the local government municipalities or districts, which administer health services. The work responded to local women’s […]

    2009: Earthquake Relief, West Sumatra, Indonesia

    In September 2009, a powerful earthquake struck off the West Sumatra coast in Indonesia, measuring 7.9 on the Richter Scale. This was followed by another two deadly earthquakes which triggered landslides. The earthquakes left a trail of destruction and caused the death of at least 1,117 people and severely injured another 1,214 people.  In addition, approximately 135,000 houses were severely damaged, 65,000 houses were moderately damaged and 79,000 houses were slightly damaged.  An estimated 250,000 […]

    2009–2011: Ending Violence Against Women and Children, Indonesia

    Millions of Indonesian women and children are victims of violence. Many live in silence.  They are not easily identified and well cared for by the current systems.  Uplift International worked in the health and legal sectors in Jakarta, Indonesia to create a model of improved health and legal services for victims of violence by training professionals to care for women and children who have been exposed to violence. Uplift International implemented a pilot project in response […]
    Cyclone Nargis disaster Relief Myanmar 2008

    2008: Cyclone Relief, Myanmar

    Cyclone Nargis devastated the Burmese delta region with a death toll of over 100,000 dead or missing. For those who survived, close to 1.9 million were displaced and needed  food, water, shelter, and medical supplies. Uplift International partnered with local NGOs and trusted Buddhist monasteries in Myanmar to provide emergency relief to rural and poor communities that were affected by the Cyclone Nargis.

    2007: Avian Influenza (AI), West Java, Indonesia

    During the Avian Influenza (AI)  epidemic in Indonesia, Uplift International trained 80 representatives from 80 villages on preventing AI and strengthening the early detection and response system in the Cianjur district in West Java.  These village representatives comprised community leaders, youth leaders, midwives, and health and agriculture personnel.  During the training, they learned how to detect and report suspected AI cases and then, when necessary, refer to local health centers.  Community-based training, such as this, […]

    2007: Disaster Management Training, Indonesia

    In 2007, Uplift International conducted a four-day training seminar for doctors from many provinces throughout Indonesia. The training focused on rapid disaster response, coordination with the government and operating procedures within the Indonesian Doctors Association for disaster management.

    2006: Earthquake Relief, Central Java, Indonesia

    A magnitude 6.3 earthquake struck Yogyakarta, Indonesia in the predawn hours of May 27, 2006, causing over 5,700 deaths and approximately 3600 injuries. According to the Government of Indonesia, 343,000 people were displaced.  Uplift International supported volunteer doctors to care for the wounded in hospitals, health centers and temporary health clinics. 

    2005–2013: Indonesia School Health & Nutrition

    In schools around Jakarta, Indonesia, students, teachers and families rolled up their sleeves and learned about good health and nutrition by growing their own organic vegetables. Our school gardening activity was partnered with a classroom health and nutrition education program and it served the neediest children in 89 religious and public schools.  The program partnered with the Ministry of Agriculture and was ultimately supported independently by the Government of Indonesia.  This program was also a corporate social […]
    Tsunami EQ Aceh 2004-06

    2004–2006: Indonesia Tsunami/Earthquake Relief/Rebuilding

    Within 24 hours of the Indian Ocean tsunami that hit Aceh, Indonesia in 2004, Uplift International airlifted 25 tons/$7million of medicines & medical supplies to the survivors of the earthquake/tsunami. It funded 320 Indonesian doctors and other health professionals to staff 15 camps for displaced persons. The effort treated 19,000 patients. We also rebuilt the research library, computer center and classrooms of Syiah Kuala University Medical School, the only medical school in the province of […]

    2003: Indonesia Health and Human Rights Conference, Indonesia

    Uplift International spearheaded and supported the first health and human rights conference in Indonesia in collaboration with the Indonesian Doctor’s Association.  The conference brought together health and legal professionals and the Indonesian Ministries of Health and Justice, as well as representatives from NGOs, government organizations and donors.  Presentations and discussions were focused on leading health issues in Indonesia and multidisciplinary solutions to helping all Indonesians, especially the most vulnerable, improve health, well-being and justice.
    Vieques PR Health Assessment 2001

    2001: Vieques, Puerto Rico Health Assessment

    Uplift International’s reputation for innovation and effective program implementation prompted the U.S. Navy to select the organization to conduct a comprehensive health assessment of the island of Vieques, Puerto Rico and recommend health projects that would respond to the needs of the people. For sixty years the U.S. Navy operated a highly controversial test bombing range on the small island.  It was a lightning rod for protest by local and outside activists that brought world-wide […]
    MCH Maternal Child Health 2000

    2000–20003: Maternal & Child Health – Indonesia

    This multidisciplinary project in Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia, focused on improving child survival in one of the most vulnerable populations –-severely malnourished children under age five years. Uplift International provided training to health professionals in follow-up patient care and family nutrition education from 1999 – 2002.
    IDP Assesment Indonesia 2000

    2000: Indonesia Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) Assessment

    Working under a grant from the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), Uplift International conducted an assessment of the conditions of internally displaced persons (IDPs) forced to leave their home during the civil war in Aceh Province in North Sumatra, Indonesia.  This assessment was used by USAID to determine the necessary next steps for assistance to the IDPs.
    Vietnam Cyclone

    1999: Cyclone Relief, Vietnam

    Uplift International and Project HOPE airlifted medicines and medical supplies to Central Vietnam in response to the cyclone of 1999 that caused massive flooding.  The medicines and medical supplies replaced the supplies that were damaged in the flooding.  Not only did the supplies go to Hue Central Hospital in the imperial city of Hue and to Quang Tri Provincial Hospital in Quang Tri along the old DMZ, but supplies were distributed to medical facilities throughout the […]

    1999: Medical Airlift II, Indonesia

    Uplift International continued to respond to the needs of Indonesian hospitals by providing medicines and medical supplies.  A second airlift provided commodities worth $726,000 (wholesale value).

    1998: Airlift I , Indonesia

    The Asian economic crisis that started in 1997 wrought havoc on the Indonesian economy.  A large portion of its population slipped into poverty and a healthcare crisis ensued.  In September, 1998 when a FedEx DC-10 touched down in Jakarta.  The shipment valued at $1.3 million (wholesale value) was distributed to four hospitals indifferent parts of the country.  The donated medicines and medical supplies were specifically requested by the hospitals.  A complete list of donated items were carefully coordinated with the […]
    Telemedicine Vietnam 1998

    1998: Telemedicine, Vietnam

    The first successful telemedicine link between Vietnam and the United States was conducted by Uplift International and The University if Vermont College of Medicine/Fletcher Allen Healthcare In 1998.

    1997–1999: Vietnam Medical Education

    The Medical Education Program was an exchange program between George Washington University School of Medicine in the U.S. and Hue Medical College in Vietnam.  The multi-year program built knowledge and technical capacity among Vietnamese doctors and students, while providing international opportunities for U.S. doctors, administrators and students to learn about Vietnam’s health situation and provide technical assistance. For instance, Uplift International in cooperation with the National Fund for Vietnamese Children (NFVC), initiated a pilot program […]