Health Equity & Justice


Health goes beyond the physical health of an individual or a population and includes the broader societal dimensions. Human rights go beyond the issue of access to healthcare and involve the legal parallels for protection of physical, mental and societal well-being. Our approach involves increasing awareness of the link between health and human rights. We promote collaborative solutions to health problems which provide the tools to break down barriers that inhibit vulnerable populations’ access to health.

The Need for a Rights-Based Approach  Huge sums of money are spent annually to improve the health of vulnerable populations. Yet, many of these people are unable to access the funded health programs and other health services because of discrimination, inequality and inadequate infrastructure. Outright discrimination or inadvertent neglect by doctors, government clinics, lawyers and policymakers, or even an uninformed media, prevent vulnerable groups from receiving the information and services they so desperately need. As a result, their serious physical and mental health problems go untreated. Learn More

Disability Rights

Disability rights are human rights.  We integrate the content of the Convention on the Rights of persons with Disabilities into our program activities.

Accountability for Women’s Health

GRB-workshopHolding governments accountable for their legal and political obligations to women’s rights requires civil society to have the skills and capacity to actively engage in activities not only at the national level but also at the local level of government.  Uplift International is implementing a program in Indonesia that focuses on accountability for women’s right to access health services that women need in the government municipalities or districts, which administer health services.  The work responds to local women’s voices about their need to access maternal health and family planning services, as well as health services for women and girl victims of violence. Read the blog in Harvard’s Health and human Rights Journal

School Health & Nutrition

A Comprehensive Approach: From the Classroom to the Garden to the Dinner Table

In schools around Jakarta, Indonesia, students, teachers and families are rolling up their sleeves and are learning about good health and nutrition by growing their own organic vegetables. Our school gardening activity is a recent activity that is being incorporated into our larger School Health & Nutrition program. Learn More